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The company POLIEREN, was founded on 8th august, 2010, specializes in Electro polishing, fittings and pipes. Polieren, operates to insure the quality, trust and commitment for Electro polishing.

The company started with an idea of providing a quality electro polishing to its major applications like Pharmaceutical, Dairy, food and beverages, valves etc. With a help of a expert from Germany, we are able to setup this Electro polishing technology plant. Though our technology plays a vital role in serving customers, the traditions of service and attention to quality are what make POLIEREN a unique company.

Due to rapid expansion and growth of the company, it started working with major pharmaceuticals, pipe and pipe fittings and valves companies in different parts of Ahmadabad like vatva, kathwada, odhav, chattral etc.

Many companies have used POLIEREN to process critical design an prototype products. WE have long regarded our process techniques and our customers products as proprietary, and fully protect those technology. Your parts are secure with POLIEREN.

Satisfaction, Reliability and Results is the main focus mean to our customers, which we gained through our experience. Our wall of quality depicts on the customers evaluation and letter of commendation which we have garnered over a year.

The vision of the POLIEREN is to cover the national and international market by providing to the critical and precise products like pipes and large storage tanks.

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The Company POLIEREN, was Founded on 8th august, 2010,Specializes in electro Polishing, Fittings and Pipes. Polieren, operates to insure the quality, trust and commitement for electro polishing.

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