Mechanical Polishing

Buffing is usually a final process using abrasives or abrasive compounds that adhere lossely to a flexible backing such as a cloth wheel. Buffing is used to generate extremely fine surfaces that match those associated with honing and lapping. A buffed surface is typically smooth, highly reflective and mirror-like.

However, Buffing is used prior to Electropolishing for better surface finish and smoothness. At Polieren buffing is never used as the final surface treatment when budding is used unless otherwise required by the customer. When high purity, non-contaminating, non-particulating surfaces are needed, Polieren adheres to internationally standard for Pharmaceutical equipment

Grinding is typically considered to be a machining or machining-like operation, and is performed to remove substantial amount of metal. An example would be the removal of a mill finish from plate. Grinding is accomplished by using abrasives firmly adhering to a rigid backing such as would be used with a disk grinder.

Whats New
The Company POLIEREN, was Founded on 8th august, 2010,Specializes in electro Polishing, Fittings and Pipes. Polieren, operates to insure the quality, trust and commitement for electro polishing.

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