High quality electropolishing should exhibit brilliant luster and reflectivity. The smoother the surface to be electropolished, the higher the brilliance and reflectivity will be after the process is complete. High quality electropolishing should be free from irregular patterns, water spots, pitted surfaces, erosion,, frosting and orange peel.

Electropolishing is preferred in many industries as a final finish for many metals because of its surface enhancement, non-contaminating, non particulating or non sticking. A microscopic evaluation of the surface is necessary, however, where a “maximum” finish is required and where it is imperative that the surface condition be documented for the future evaluation. The electropolished surface would be seen as featureless, while the buffed surface would show layers of smeared, disturbed and damaged metal, as well as embedded abrasives and buffing compound

The quality of electroplished part finish reading can be yield from Profilometer Ra value ( Roughness average). Ra value is a testing machine which shows how much roughness have been reduced before electropolishing. Its shows the quality and surface finish of the part.

Whats New
The Company POLIEREN, was Founded on 8th august, 2010,Specializes in electro Polishing, Fittings and Pipes. Polieren, operates to insure the quality, trust and commitement for electro polishing.

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